Strategy & Management

The Centre shares experience in formulating strategy and management of resources


CONCORD offers appropriate solutions to develop distinctive capabilities which translate into superior performance. The Centre offers value creations strategies.

We help the organisation understand its strengths, core competencies and make best use of the opportunities available. The centre holds mirror image of people, their style of functioning and the organisational setting. We help in identifying the needs, the gaps and the expectations of people from its leaders.


The distinctive quality of our services is an exclusive action-oriented outcome-based program designed for senior personnel who are in a leadership role.

The focus of the program is to help identify the areas in which change is needed within the organisation and collectively develop an action plan for driving successful change or transformation.


Our experts have demonstrable experience in providing the quickest and best solutions to cases of litigations in organisations, be it commercial lease matters, employees’ service matters, cases of project affected people, R&R issues, project right of way (ROW) matters, land compensation issues, industrial disputes, Labour problems, local problems of the project and Consumer disputes.


People learn from past mistakes, wrong decisions and absence of right ideas at the right time. It is essential to acquire new knowledge, learning new things from other’s experience. It is paramount to get fresh ideas, new ways of thinking and new ways of working. The Centre facilitates in knowledge management and its repository system by developing knowledge management processes and learning interventions.

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