Centre for Consensus

As a new concept in NER, the CONCORD Centre for Consensus was created to provide a platform for resolving issues through mediation and to arrive at a consensus before the cases are taken up in the courts for legal remedy. CONCORD’s team of experienced professionals have expertise in resolving numerous long-pending cases of employees’ service matters, inter-se seniority issues, cases of contract labours & daily-rated employees, industrial disputes cases and OD intervention issues for total transformation in the organisation.

Centre’s Objective

The prime objective of the Centre is to facilitate in resolving disputes after mutual discussions and with the intervention of a neutral person. When disputes, arising out of any industry or other civil issues crop up, these are taken to court that results in enormous loss of time, money and energy of the parties. In effect, it becomes counter productive. However, if a process of mediation is chosen with the intervention of experienced persons, there may be positive outcome. Eventually, the disputing parties may be benefited through quicker and economical resolution of disputes. Once, people are aware of these alternative mode of dispute resolutions, the entire society would benefit and unnecessary load on the judicial system will progressively become less and less. The Centre will offer value addition to the process of mediation and facilitate in resolving the issues of concern amicably.

Justice Ujjal Bhuyan delivering the key note address in the round-table discussion on Consensus-making.
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